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Become a Preferred Vendor

Make your products & services known to the Church.

The PLCBC 5 Star BEP is designed for excellent PLCBC businesses. This program enables PLCBC business owners to make their product and services known to church members and anyone who engages with the PLCBC App and Websites.

In addition, PCLBC business owners that fit these characteristics will be eligible to do work for the church. The criterion is as follows:

  • Must do business with the public.

  • Licensed Business with proper certifications, insurances credentials in the field of the goods or services provided.

  • Must have a great reputation in the public proven by 2 references outside of the church.
  • Must have a great reputation in the body of PLCBC.

  • Must be reasonable in attitude that is a customer-centric problem solver.

  • Must guarantee or warranty their work.