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Opportunities Available To All PLCBC Members

Nursery Director

Nursery Kingdom Servant

Church Personnel Committee

Budget & Forecast Committee

Event Planning Committee

Social Media Team


Men's Bible Study Teacher


PLCBC Male Elder or Assistant Pastor that has declared as committed to serve and attends services and Bible study regularly.

Women's Bible Study Teacher


PLCBC Female Assistant Pastor, Ordained Mother, or Female Elder that declared as committed to serve and attends services and Bible Study regularly.

Wednesday Mid-day Bible Study Teacher


PLCBC member male or female that loves the Lord, loves God’s people, called to teach, attends service and Bible study regularly, teachable, humble, respectful and willing to work under Pastor Tullis and his leadership team.

Prison Ministry Team


PLCBC ministry team that will work as a team to minister in jails and prisons in Davidson and Rutherford Counties. This ministry has to be built and designed. You will work with Pastor Curtis Hunt and Pastor Tullis to build out this ministry.

Mental Health & Wellness Team


PLCBC ministers that will work with Pastor Tullis and his leadership team to design this ministry. This will involve research, building relationships, studying, and coaching. The objective is to build out a vibrant ministry focused on maintaining and restoring mental and physical health.

(This project will take 6 months to get started)

Elderly Ministry


PLCBC ministry team to build relationship with Assisted Living institutions to serve and minister to those facilities.  These facilities will be in Davidson and Rutherford counties.

Other opportunities to serve the body of Christ 

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Our  Service to God, the Saints, and the World are vital parts of our kingdom church community. God has given each of us unique gifts and abilities, and there are different ways to serve. Choose which service you'd like to be part of below, and we'll be in touch with you.