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Church Personnel Committee

(Non paying position)
The personnel committee is a volunteer servant committee (Non-Paid position) that assists the Senior Pastor to ensure policies, procedures, and processes are in place to support church and academy staff and volunteers. This committee is intended to be a pre-cursor to an official Human Resource department once the Church and Academy grows to build into an official department that is staffed and compensated.

The Personnel Committee is responsible to:
Establish employee pay grades. Develop a compensation strategy and utilize pay grades to manage employee growth within a role.

Establish employee job classifications. Jobs need to be classified as full-time, part-time, exempt, and nonexempt employment status.

Make recommendations on employee benefits.

Develop and use the compensation strategy to determine an appropriate benefits package that includes health insurance, paid time off, retirement, tuition assistance, etc.

Establish employee policies. Develop policies and procedures that help employees understand expectations for their time at work. Review and Update Employee handbooks on an Annual basis.

Make recommendations about staff training needs. Establish and monitor gaps in training needs and make recommendations for necessary job training.

Identify prospective leaders and make recommendations on leadership development. Maintain an ongoing list of prospective leaders and identify and track leadership development.

Create employee assistance programs. Establish criteria and processes to assist employees in times of crisis.

Establish a vacation approval process. Create a process for tracking and approving vacation requests.

Develop reward and recognition programs. Develop a program that recognizes the outstanding performance of church employees and volunteers.

Review job applications and recommend job candidates for interviews. Create a process to screen, review, and recommend job candidates for interviews.

Oversee employee performance management process. Establish a process to assess, monitor, and track employee performance.