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Nursery Director

(Non paying position)
The professional mission and purpose of the Nursery Director is to:

• Provide a welcoming and safe space for all children, infants through Preschool.

• Facilitate age appropriate opportunities for spiritual formation within the nursery.

• Coordinate nursery workers for all church activities.

• Support the ministry of Priest Lake Community Baptist Church

I. Duties

1. Creating a welcoming and safe space

The Nursery Director is responsible for maintaining a clean, well-organized, and welcoming nursery. Parents are to be warmly greeted and welcomed when bringing children to the nursery. Toys and activities should be accessible to all children when appropriate. The nursery is to be a place of joy, play, and friendship.

Tables, toys and other surfaces are to be cleaned and disinfected after use. Bedding is to be washed when used. Soiled diapers will be taken to outside dumpster.

Special needs for each child must be noted and addressed with care.

Supplies are to be organized and easily accessible to all workers and volunteers, including snacks, activities, diapers/wipes, and cleaning supplies. The office is to be notified when additional supplies are needed.

2. Spiritual Formation and Development

Age-appropriate curriculum is to be used during Sunday School to teach Bible stories and introduce Christian faith. Curriculum is to be selected in coordination with church staff and leadership. Any music or videos must be gospel biblecentered.

3. Coordinate Nursery Workers

Two workers will be in the nursery on Sunday whenever the nursery is open. The Nursery Director is responsible for coordinating nursery workers on Sunday mornings and all extra services as requested (examples include Christmas Eve, Good Friday, Sunday evening activities, Funerals, special events).

II. Accountability

The Nursery Director will be accountable to the Pastor and Elder Mary Tullis and the Kingdom School (Sunday School) Director will also provide support, guidance, and evaluation.

III. Compensation TBD